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Korg Toneworks AX-100G foot pedal mutli efects guitar processor with expression pedal

Seller: steved_nj (100%)

Starting bid/Asking Price=$100.00

This unti has it all, amp modeling, multiple types of distrotion /overdrive, compression, reverb, delay, flange, chorus, wah pedal, volume depal, pitch shifting pedal (up to 2 octaves), and much more! It can store over 100 user presets plus over a hundred factory presets. It even does 8 seconds of sampling / looping to help you figure out certain parts of songs, at either full speed, 2/3 speed, or half speed.

The output jack is loose (wiggly), but it still works.

This item was posted for sale Aug 22, 2014 @ 1:22:54 PM

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