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The 3 golden rules for every member on this website are very simple:
1) Be honest;
2) Be Fair; and
3) Be considerate.

This website is only for actual tangible items for sale.1 This website is NOT a forum, blog, or bulletin board. Only post physical tangible items which you want to sell, and do so only once for each item.

The above should be self-explanatory, but to give some examples, that means don`t sell broken junk and try to pass it off as a working item. If it`s broken, say so in your ad, and offer it for a fair price in its actual condition. It also means, if you`ll forgive the vernacular, that buyers should not jerk the sellers around by placing frivolous bids. And it also means that the sellers should not jerk the buyers around with posting an item, then withdrawing it, and then reposting it again.

For the sellers, just be honest and upfront about your items, respond to questions promptly and accurately, and then promptly ship the item after you receive your payment. For buyers, don`t claim that the item was broken when it arrived if in fact you broke it somehow after you received it. And be considerate of the sellers and don`t barrage them with question after question about an item, and always read the other questions and answers first, because there`s a good chance the same question has already been answered. And sellers, make sure you read the buyers` questions carefully and respond to each one in sufficient detail to fully answer the question. If you`re not sure, make an effort to find out, but then respond that you researched the issue and you`re still not sure of the answer. Don`t be lazy, or get annoyed with the buyers` questions, and/or respond with half-baked answers.

And of course, don`t leave bad feedback unless the other person truly deserves it, and you have given them a chance to address the issue(s) that you have.

But those are only a few examples of what not to do.

Using this website

Just because this website is being offered to you for free, do not assume that you can disrepect it. Any disrepectful act(s) can and will cause you to be permanently banned from this website.

Some examples of what not to do include (but are not limited to):

* Every item must only be posted once, and only in one single category. If you happen to have 2 or more of the exact same type of item (e.g. you have a store and you have several of the same items in brand new unopened condition), then you must post each one separately. This way, there is a one to one relationship with every item that you sell, such that each buyer can leave feedback about each item, and likewise you can do the same for each buyer.

** Although I am a firm believer in every US citizen`s right of free speech, this is not the appropriate place for it. Don`t post fake items, or even real items, merely as a "front" to post political messages or other controversial topics (or even non-controversial topics for that matter). This website is a venue to help people sell their stuff, for full price, to other people whom would really appreciate it. This helps all members of the public and our society - it helps the sellers know that their valuable items are going to good homes (i.e. not being destroyed or going into a landfill), it helps buyers find the items they really want at the best prices, and it helps everyone else by reducing waste and landfill.

1 The only exception would be appropriate specialty services, which are listed under the Specialty Services catgeory.
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