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1. Why can`t I edit my items, or even add images after the initial posting?

Right now that ability has been disabled, so as to avoid possible disputes. For example, suppose someone posts an item on Monday at 2 PM, and then you bid on it that same day at 3 PM. If the seller was allowed, at let`s say Tuesday at 2:00PM exactly, to either add/delete pictures, and/or edit the description, then you could end up having a legitimate complaint if at one minute later, Tuesday 2:01 PM (i.e. before you saw his/her changes), the seller was to accept your Monday 3PM bid. That`s why for now that feature has been disabled.

In the near future, we expect to add it back in for items that have not received any bids yet; and shortly thereafter, to allow the seller the option of rejecting all bids in order to be able to make changes to his/her item.

2. How are the members verified, and what does the status mean?

A status of "Confirmed" means that the user has been verified as to his/her physical address, email, and other information. The initial "Legacy" accounts were manually "verified" (i.e. to the extent possible) by using assorted online tools and other non-fool-proof means, so although the "Legacy" accounts should be ok, they cannot be 100% verified (at this time). In the near future, all new (and old) members will have their information verified by a credit bureau such as Experian, with whom we are trying to develop an interface on the back-end to fully verfiy all of the member information provided at sign-up. Currently, an account status of "Email Address Verified" simply means just that - that the member has only verified his/her email address. Thus, we recommend caution when dealing with new members whom have little or no feedback yet. And of course if possible, do the transaction in person, and in a safe and public setting.

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