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1) Q: Why can`t I edit my items, or even add images after the initial posting?

A: Right now that ability has been disabled, so as to avoid possible disputes. For example, suppose someone posts an item on Monday at 2 PM, and then you bid on it that same day at 3 PM. If the seller was allowed, at let`s say Tuesday at 2:00PM exactly, to either add/delete pictures, and/or edit the description, then you could end up having a legitimate complaint if at one minute later, Tuesday 2:01 PM (i.e. before you saw his/her changes), the seller was to accept your Monday 3PM bid. That`s why for now that feature has been disabled.

In the near future, we expect to add it back in for items that have not received any bids yet; and shortly thereafter, to allow the seller the option of rejecting all bids in order to be able to make changes to his/her item.

2) Q: How are the members verified, and what does the status mean?

A: A status of "Confirmed" means that the user has been verified as to his/her physical address, email, and other information. The initial "Legacy" accounts were manually "verified" (i.e. to the extent possible) by using assorted online tools and other non-fool-proof means, so although the "Legacy" accounts should be ok, they cannot be 100% verified (at this time). In the near future, all new (and old) members will have their information verified by a credit bureau such as Experian, with whom we are trying to develop an interface on the back-end to fully verfiy all of the member information provided at sign-up. Currently, an account status of "Email Address Verified" simply means just that - that the member has only verified his/her email address. Thus, we recommend caution when dealing with new members whom have little or no feedback yet. And of course if possible, do the transaction in person, and in a safe and public setting.

3) Q: Searching for items - What is the search criteria, how can I find specific items?

A: For starters, you should select the appropriate categories / subcategories (from the links in the lefthand column) in which to confine your search. Although this first step is recommended, it is not required - just be aware that you will get more unwanted results if you decide to skip this step.
For example, suppose you were to type the word Firebird into the search box before selecting a category. You would then get back all items in all categories that match the word Firebird. This would result in matches in multiple different categories, such as cars (i.e. Pontiac Firebird), guitars (i.e. Gibson Firebird), and even ballet (i.e Stravinsky`s "Firebird"). But if for instance you were only interested in the guitar, you should have selected the "Musical Instruments & Gear" category beforehand, where your search would then have resulted in only those matches. Also, once the search has been entered for a specific subcategory, you can broaden the results by clicking on the parent category within the bread crumb trail at the top. See this quick video for an illustration.

Search words (terms) should be at least three (3) characters in length. You can enter one or more search terms into the searchbox on the upper righthand side of each page. You can enter multiple search words, including up to two (2) separate phrases that are enclosed with double quotes. The matching results will be case-insensitive.
If you are searching for 2 words that must go together, then place those words inside of double quotes. For example, if you type the 2 words big dog without quotes, then any item that contains both the word big and the word dog will be matched, whereas if instead you were to type "big dog" (i.e using double quotes), then only items that contained this phrase would be matched. You can also enter partial words, for example, typing the word iran will find both the full word match Iran (remember search words are not case sensitive), as well as the partial word match Iranian. The search results will return exact matches only. So if you type in four (4) search words, and there happens to be no results that match all 4, then you will not get any results at all (i.e not even results that would match 3 of your 4 search words). Also, it does not try to guess what you mean, so if for example you were to type the word chees instead of chess, it won`t ask you: "Did you mean chess?". Instead, if there were any items where word the word cheese was used, then those items would be matched - this is because the characters chees are contained within the word cheese, thus it is a partial word match.
So to reiterate, each of the search terms you enter must match at least one full or partial word / phrase within the item.

4) Q: Why am I not getting your emai?

A: Most likely, they are being sent to your spam / junk mail folders. Further, depending on your own security settings, these emails might be getting blocked completely (i.e. they don`t even make it to your spam / jumk mail folders). So to correct these issues, you should add the "" email and/or the "" domain to your safe list.
If you do not know how to do this, click here for a recent article explaining how to do so for Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, and more.

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