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Unlike other auctions that last for certain durations (such as seven days), there`s no set end time for any item. And a bidder can place more than one bid on the same item.

All of the auction bids are public - that means everybody can see what each bid is, and who placed the bid, and when. As soon as a seller gets a bid that he/she likes, he/she can accept it right then and there. And it may not necessarily even be the highest bid necessarily that these seller chooses to accept (for instance, a bidder with better feedback rating may be accepted as the winner).

Both the buyers and the sellers can withdrawal their offers (bids or items) at any time.

That means the seller can post an item up for bid, and supposing that after even just a day or two, he/she is unhappy with bids for the item, he/she can instantly withdraw that item, and then it`s closed. Likewise, a buyer can place a bid on an item and if he/she thinks the seller is being too greedy or hasn`t responded to his/her offer or question properly, any buyer can withdraw his/her bid spontaneously.

Moreover, if a seller if gets a bid which he/she thinks is way too low, he/she can also choose to flat out reject that bid, without even waiting to see if there`s any other bids.

The advantage of this is, unlike the other timed auctions (let`s say seven days), usually in a timed auction, the best bids only come in during the last few minutes (really just the last few seconds) of an auction. And this creates what it is commonly referred to as "snipers", where people will see the last few seconds ticking down on a particular item and try to jump in with an offer just slightly higher than the previous one, to win the item for whatever they think they can get it for.

However, that is unfair to the other bidders and is even unfair to the sellers, who should be able to obtain a certain amount for sale right away, and get realistic bids on their posted items have without waiting to the end of a seven day auction period.

This should create an atmosphere where bidders just offer upfront what they realistically think its worth/want to pay, and the sellers can intelligently decide to either sell the item or keep it.

Of course once the item has been sold, both the buyer after receiving the item and the seller after receiving the payment should leave the appropriate feedback for the other party.

Create An Account

Click on the "Create Account" link at the top right corner of the screen.

When creating an account, please be sure to fill in all of the fields with real information. The reason for requiring the month of birth, the year of birth, and the last four digits of your social, is so that if somebody happens to have the same name as you (or a similar name as you), it`ll be possible to distinguish you from that other person. The identity information you provide in your account will be verified.

Creating an account with false information will get you banned, so do not do that. Use your real name, your real name, and your real phone number. This information will only be visible to the other party, either to the seller after you have been accepted as the winning bidder on an item that you bid upon, or after you have accepted someone else`s bid on one of your items, then the winning bidder will be provided with your contact information. At no time will any other member ever be provided with your month of birth, year of birth, or the last four digits of your social.

Adding your items

If you haven`t signed up yet, first create your account as described above. If you have already created an account, then you need to login first and click the "My Account" link at the top right corner of the screen.

Then click the left and tab that says "Add New Item". You will then have to drill down the options box(es) to select the most appropriate subcategory for your item (no more than 5 sublevels at the most, usually less). Do not be lazy or haphazard and place your item in an improper category.

Then just type in the information for your item (sorry, no HTML tags allowed). Be as descriptive as possible.

You can add up to 5 images of your item. (JPG format, less than 50K preferred).

That`s it! You`re done!! Just keep checking your item for bids and or questions from other members. As soon as you get a bid you`re satisfied with, click "accept bid" and then it`s sold to that bidder. You and the buyer will then get emails with each other`s contact information. It`s then entirely up to both of you exactly how and when to complete the transaction.

Bidding on someone else`s item(s)

The bid amount shown in the "place bid" box is only a suggested amount, you can bid higher or lower than this amnount. Once you entered a bid, the seller will be notified via email. You should allow him/her enough time to respond to your bid before taking any other action. You can withdraw your bid at any time. You can also place multiple bids on the same item, even while you have a pending bid on the same item. (But of course, logically that makes no sense to do so, as why would the seller accept a lower bid from you when he has another higher bid from you still pending).

Asking a question about someone else`s item(s)

When you ask a quesiton, the seller will be notified of your question via email, and it will be posted publically for all to see. Likewise, when he responds with an answer, his answer will also be posted publically. But unlike your question, you will not get an email alerting you that the seller had posted an asnwer. Instead, you must periodically go back and check the item to see if/when the seller answered your question. (There is a reason for this, which is too long and complicated to describe here).
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